Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Days??? Honestly?

Hey you guys, it`s us, Rita from Finland, Sam from Italy, Jule and Paula from Germany. So we were asked to contribute to this blog about our time here.
If we think about all the amazing things we did and learned so far, we can't believe we have only been here for 4 days. Currently we are all freaking out in exitement because the Community Projects start tomorrow. Well we are exited because of the amazing things we're going to do, but on the other hand everyone is quite a little upset about the fact that we are going to be split up for 4 (!) entire days! I mean, Rita is going to Bulembu watching wildlife and be a ranger for 4 days, Paula is planting in the Homestead Garden Project and Sam and Jule will go to Bulembu doing construction work and playing with little kids. We all have to supply ourselves and we all got really looooooooooooooads of food! Honestly, we have an entire room filled with nothing but food.
Ok, the others just left, so it's only me (Jule) left. Well, the Short Course to me has just been amazing so far! In only for days, I did so much! I met people from all over the world that could not be more different, but still get along soooo good. The vibes are so good and positive, everyone is open and nice and happy and I just feel so welcome around here, it is just really, really great!
I mean I knew I was going to learn lots of interesting new things about AIDS and development and Swaziland and that really is true: we have had so many exiting people giving lectures- Europeans, Americans, Swazis-, we have been to town, to Manzini and had the chance to learn some Suswati (I hope I spelled that out correctly...).... But the thing is that everything is happening at such a fast speed, I feel like I have been here for a week or so.
Swaziland is really different from how I imagined it, I know it is a little clichee, but I was kind of expecting to see more huts, but well, we are in quite an urban area, so I am just thrilled about really getting in touch when I'm in Bulembu tomorrow.
I would love to keep writing because there is just so much to talk about but it's alreadz after midnight and I haven't packed yet ;) If I get the chance, I will write again, but until then

Lots of Love
Jule (and Paula, Rita and Sam!)

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  1. Sounds awesome!
    Take care, have fun and enjoy your time!